Fulfillment Designed for Shopify Stores, Fair Trade Retailers, Wholesalers, and Producers

With one fee, we take care of your logistics and provide value-added sales through our existing eCommerce marketplace. Whether you are a US based retailer, wholesaler, or a producer outside of the US, we can help you with all your US logistics. As an experienced Fair Trader in the US we can help you with sales though our existing sales channels and our internal wholesale marketplace. We can connect directly into your Shopify store to make fulfillment simple.


Your business is different! We know, we get it. One solution does not fit all. Retailers need to support multiple sales channels, producers need to work with US customs and import agents. You may need quality control put in place, or maybe you need only the basics of fulfillment. Wherever you are on the spectrum, what ever you need we can work with you to get it done.

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You need to be in control of your business. We will make sure that you have complete visibility on your inventory and that you can track your orders in real time. Your fees will be clear and simple, we do not nickle and dime you with a hundred fees. Based on your needs we will agree on a simple fee structure so that you can get on with running your business.

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Value Add

Unlike most fulfillment services we have chosen to specialize in one area, handmade and specifically Fair Trade, because we believe in it and have experience in the sector. As a wholesaler of Fair Trade in the USA, we can offer the optional service of placing your products in our channels to increase your sales. Making our fulfillment services pay for themselves.

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One solution does not fit all. However we hate it when companies expect you to contact them without giving you any idea of what it will cost. So here is our best shot at giving you a ballpark figure. For a typical US based wholesaler of handicraft items, where products are already quality checked and

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